Girls in Leather Boots, Hight Heels, Rubber & Latex! Boot fetish!


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Dear friend, welcome to my boots fetish thread! Some facts here:
Boots and shoes fetish are said to originate in early childhood when the arrival of a mother's shoes were the sign that the child would be picked up, nurtured, loved, or consoled. The fetish for boots and shoes is called retifism, the fetish for high heels is called altocalciphilia. Arousal occurs at the sight and/or touch of the shoes or, in rarer cases, by the smell or creaking of shoes. Although some men have commented that spiked heels are arousing because of the potential threat they pose if a woman decides to use them as weapons against them (porno movies and magazines often feature a woman pressing her spiked heel against a man's genitals), most men seem attracted to high heeled women because it changes their posture accentuating the curve of the spine which causes the buttocks and calves to appear more rounded, the bust to protrude, and the hips to have an exaggerated sway.
Here you can see girls in leather boots, leather wear, high boots, latex, rubber, high heels
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